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Short Description

Naltrexone is a medication that blocks the effects of drugs known as opioids.

It was originally used to treat dependence on opioid drugs but has recently been approved by the FDA as treatment for alcoholism. In clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of Naltrexone, patients who received Naltrexone were twice as successful in remaining abstinent and in avoiding relapse as patients who received placebo - an inactive pill.

Regarding treatment of alcoholism, Naltrexone provides three kinds of effects:

1) Naltrexone can reduce craving, which is the urge or desire to drink
2) Naltrexone helps patients remain abstinent
3) Naltrexone can interfere with the tendency to want to drink more if a recovering patient slips and has a drink

Naltrexone is usually used as a part of a program of treatment for alcoholism including counseling, help with associated psychological and social problems and participation in self-help groups.

Naltrexone does not cause physical dependence and it can be stopped at any time without withdrawal symptoms.

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